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Sign the petition. Tell our local politicians to hold this predatory industry accountable. Dont allow slots parlors to offer unlimited free alcohol. This impairs judgment and leads to more gambling addiction.  By serving free alcohol 24/7, the slots parlors would create a public safety hazard in the form of drunk drivers. Prohibit lending institutions, machines or services on the gambling floor as well as check cashing services at casinos. The easy availability of ATMs, credit machines, and check cashing encourages some gamblers to wager more than they intended. Mandate monthly statements to gamblers. Gamblers should receive monthly statements mailed to their homes by the casinos showing exactly how much they are spending per month in the slots parlor so they and their families can identify problem gambling before it becomes an addiction. Hold public hearings on the workings of slot machines. Slot machines are the technological equivalent of loaded dice. Consumers should have a right to know how the machines are designed and how they operate.

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