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The People’s Media Record (PMR) originated as a necessary practice to facilitate access to media created by the Media Mobilizing Project (MMP). Throughout its evolution, we have learned that archiving is an extension of some of the core beliefs MMP was founded on, that “the right to free speech means little without the means to be heard.” The stories of our movements today become our histories tomorrow. 

PMR recognizes that archives, especially when held up as authoritative historical records, are an important part of how historical narratives are created. Centering the preferences of the communities depicted within the archive is an essential part of our general policy. 

PMR also believes that telling the stories of our social movements, especially from within the most impacted communities, strengthens our continuing movements and communities. Who gets to tell those stories and how they get told have a lasting impact on how we grow as people and how our communities and movements grow.

While the content in our archive may be within the legal purview of PMR to distribute, as members of the community we understand that media can be used against us just as easily as it can be used to strengthen and unify our networks. We also understand that the participants in the original productions did not necessarily imagine the incorporation of raw footage into a platform such as this. Our policies regarding privacy, access, copyright, and licensing attempt to provide guidance that balances the importance of both access and privacy.

These policies are shaped around the MMP collection, which for now represents the essence of our archive. A full PDF version of the policies, including references, can be seen here.


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Copyright and Licensing


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