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People’s Media Record

an archive of movement media

The People’s Media Record is an archive and repository for community-produced media from Philadelphia. Over the years we have acquired a collection of thousands of hours of raw audiovisual material that documents the growing struggle for racial and economic justice in Philadelphia. Through assessment, training, and collaboration, People’s Media Record works to support local community institutions facing the challenge of preserving audiovisual materials. The People’s Media Record brings material from seldom told community stories off of the “cutting room floor” and into the hands of the people. 

The Record started with a collection of media content created by the Media Mobilizing Project (now Movement Alliance Project) dating back to 2005. Peoplesmediarecord.com is the first step in a multi-stage process to make the raw audiovisual content from that collection browsable. Through an extensive needs assessment process over the next year the People’s Media Record is working to understand the landscape of audiovisual community media archives in the Philadelphia area, find out more about this project on the PACE tab.  Currently, you can browse the metadata records of more than 6000 raw media clips from 2006 to 2013, including footage of the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, and other grassroots social movements. In the future, we will incorporate streaming video into our platform.

Watch our early videos:

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