AV Preservation and Archiving Resources

A cache of MiniDV tapes

In an era of ever-advancing technology and rapidly changing media formats, preserving the stories and memories captured in our audiovisual work has become an essential undertaking. This resource page is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and interconnected network of organizations and people who are passionate about the preservation and access to audiovisual materials in Philadelphia and beyond. Whether you are an activist, an archivist, a filmmaker, a librarian, a researcher, or simply an avid lover of audiovisual content, this resource page aims to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and tools to support your preservation endeavors.

  • Philadelphia Audiovisual Collections Evaluation (PACE): Learn about the year-long assessment of local community media collections that the People’s Media Record undertook in collaboration with Scribe Video Center and Philadelphia Community Access Media.
  • Resource Pool: Explore a wide array of tools, references, and service providers, among other resources, of much relevance for people who are interested in the preservation and archiving of audiovisual materials.
  • Glossary: We provide here a basic list of key concepts that are relevant to us and the practice of audiovisual preservation in general.

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