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On April 29, approximately 50 students from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), came together for a letter drop and rally in support of the hotel workers at HEI Hotels & Resorts. They were joined by two workers from an HEI hotel in Northern Virginia. HEI is a hotel company that Penn is invested in, and HEI workers have asked for students support. When HEI buys a hotel they employ a range of techniques to bring costs down. These business practices have real effects on the lives of workers at HEI hotels. Because Penn profits from their investment in this company, students demand that Penn ensure that HEI workers are treated with respect. At the HEI Le Meridien hotel in San Francisco, workers face unfair layoffs, unaffordable healthcare, and a lack of respect on the job. The workers at the LE MERIDIEN Hotel in San Francisco have called for a BOYCOTT. Penns Wharton West Executive Training Program is one of the hotels biggest customers. Students asked the administrators of this this program to move their business elsewhere. However, they were told that they "DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIRD PARTY LABOR DISPUTES" and therefore will continue using the hotel. The rally was led by students from the University of Pennsylvania's Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). For more information on this specific campaign you can visit

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