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In this update, MMPTV takes you to a recent immigrants rights rally in the days after the Supreme Court's partial overturning of Arizona's anti-immigrant SB1070 legislation in June. Many undocumented immigrants in the Philadelphia region are working hard, alongside other Philadelphians, to raise families and take part in the American dream, while facing increased criminalization and threats to their human rights. We hear from several of the city's leading immigrant and human rights groups, including Juntos, the ACLU of Pennsylvania and the NAACP, banding together to put an end to anti-immigrant legislation like SB 1070 and similar bills pending in the Pennsylvania state legislature. This update highlights the powerful stories of youth from Fuerza, Juntos' youth leadership committee, who are leading the fight for human rights, and to ensure that their families can stay together in Philadelphia, the place they know as home.

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