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Stand with Cab Drivers This Media Mobilizing Project Production examines taxi drivers in Philadelphia that demand the Philadelphia Parking Authority be accountable to drivers and Philadelphians Audio Announcement: Where: Philadephia Parking Authority Headquarters 3101 Market Street When: Monday february 25th at 11am Why: The Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania (TWA) is calling drivers and concerned citizens to the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Board Meeting at 3101 Market Street. The cabdrivers are attending the board meeting to demand that the PPA live up to its promise of removing the failing GPS systems from city cabs and looking for another partner. One month ago, on January 23rd the PPA warned the private contractor, Veriphone Transportation Systems, that they have one month to get the failing GPS systems to work properly in city cabs. Drivers claim that in the last month the GPS systems have not improved; continually malfunctioning and at times shutting down altogether. The problems with the GPS systems have left the cities cab dispatching system in tatters, forcing drivers to lose money and consumers to have a more difficult time finding cabs, particularly outside of Center City. President of TWA Ronald Blount explains "this is even worse as drivers subsidize the GPS system paying $18 a month." In conjunction with the GPS systems, the TWA is also demanding that the PPA not assign dramatic meter increases in cab fares. TWA members explain that these exorbitant rises will be accompanied by higher cab rental fees for drivers. Drivers believe this is a problem because as Blount explains, " when Septa fares go up, ridership decreases... it is the same with cab drivers, and the rise in cab fares is ultimately going to hurt drivers and make it more difficult to put food on the table." Please join TWA members on Monday February 25th at 11AM to insist that the PPA treat Philadelphia's taxi drivers fairly both by eliminating a troubled GPS system and not adding meter increases which will ultimately make it difficult for drivers to make ends meet.

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