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Fire fighters, paramedics, community organizations, and neighbors have joined together to proclaim with one unified voice that no amount of money is worth the loss of human life. Join in the fight to save lives -- watch MMP's recent video that documents these communities as they come together across Philadelphia to end fire company brownouts. Since the summer of 2010 when Mayor Nutter and Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers instituted rolling closures of Philadelphia's fire stations known as "brownouts," each day engine companies across the city are temporarily placed out of service. The City claims that this is necessary cost-saving measure and that it is unable to afford to fully fund Philadelphia's Fire Department. However, the City has not been able to prove that this policy has saved money. In fact, before instituting the brownouts policy Mayor Nutter shut down seven fire stations that eliminated 150 jobs within the Fire Department and these job losses have led to increased overtime costs which have increased city spending. Fire injuries are up, department response times have increased, and city residents have died in the wake of the brownouts policy. Firefighters, our families and communities are being put in danger while being told these closures save money and that there is not enough to fund all the services we need. At the same time as corporations are making record profits families in towns and cities across the country are being forced to tighten their belts in order to strip public services we all depend on.

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