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For many in Philadelphia 2013 was one of the hardest years in recent memory. From the closing of two dozen public schools, to the cuts in public services and the people who work to keep our city running, to continued deportation and denial of immigrant rights, and workers facing threats to life and health on the job, poor and working people are under attack. The experience of this attack in Philadelphia is a reflection of the crisis taking place in small towns and cities across the country. In spite of this, and precisely because of it, people from many walks of life sought out coalition and alliance with each other. Teachers worked to build unions that could provide a more quality education for students. City workers formed new alliances regardless of workplace and position. High school students from schools across the city took to the streets in thousands. And, community leaders created a platform to hold the next governor more accountable than the last. Media Mobilizing Project has been honored to struggle, learn and win with so many across this emerging movement. In celebration of this year and to give a glimpse into what all these efforts have meant we present this montage. Throughout are the voices and images of people organizing during 2013 to show our shared fight. This is our thanks to everyone seen here and many more. To strength and victory in 2014. And as John Churchville reminds us, “The universe is tending and trending towards justice. And justice is the highest form of love. You can’t love without justice.”

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