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img_1921Over the weekend, 17 year old Camden, NJ native Yung Poppa released his latest single "I Got the Keys Freestyle". The song is a banging anthem for the living and lost, youth and entrepreneurs. In the song, he touches onpolitics, community, and fashion. Listen here. The song prominently displays the key and city silhouette logo of grassroots community organization CANDO.Camden African Neighborhood Development Organization, founded by Anthony "Mancakes" Ways is central to the song. CANDO sponsors athletic games throughout the year to build community, reduce violence, and provide a space for leaders to plan the next steps. In a city with a reputation for its violence and poverty, the freestyle smacks away the cliche incomplete narrative and offers a deeper view into the challenges of the community. Whatever the solutions are, it is people like Ways and Poppa have the keys to it. In "I Got the Keys Freestyle", Yung Poppa is unrelenting. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, gang bangers, and corrupt politicians all get called out from someone that was to young to vote in 2016, but old enough to know how to use his voice in ways that almost no politician can. In the video, you hear former presidential candidate say one of the phrases that kept some young people home on election day. He rejects the idea of voting just for the sake of it, while embracing the idea of supporting his community. Yung Poppa's father, Rashaan Hornsby is Yung Poppa's manager. Hornsby serves as a coach, mentor, and businessman to his family and the entire Camden community. Yung Poppa has rapped since he was nine years old. The honor roll student will continue to a voice for the voiceless. Lyrics

(I got the keys ) (To show them I can)X4

(Looking for pain just look in my eyes We come together and beat all the odds) (I got the keys the keys the keys)X2 2016 at war with cops Sandra bland died killed by a cop Trevon Martin killer let it pop George Zimmerman that nigga he aint locked/ Hard in the gutter /blacks selling packs/ aint gives us jobs so we had to trap/forced to hustle yeah we had to cook crack/no guidence at the crib let are dad's back/black lives really do matter/the government they some back stabbers/ and these cops feining just to clap at us/ ima rap about it I aint a average rapper/I be spitting facts all my bars be work/ staying on the grind/ I put the family first/ I be in the studio steady making work/ I aint cooking work or I aint selling work/ cause if you selling work you end up on a shirt/ riding in a hearse and leave your family hurt/ and that's what they want im talking white man/the love a black man with a short life span/ And that's crazy nobody taking care the babies /cause they give us life yeah that's crazy /and that be crazy nobody taking care the babies cause they give us life yeah that's crazy (hold up) Donald Trump yeah he won /and he a racist I aint gonna front /he want the white man to be up at the front /so im screaming middle finger up to trump/and I love everybody im a business man/and I made a plan im sticking to the plan/and my main goal is to stack my keys and donate 100 mill to my city man/ ayo hillary it wasn't meant to be /cause you scared of me /im talking mentally /super preditor that's what you think of me/ middle finger to you you get no vote from me/ I said I got the keys/the keys to success /im nice with this music /i sware im the best/rip troy lil nate he be next/city went crazy when you'll went to rest /RJ he couldn't see his son the good die young don't believe that for nun/ and these young boys man they need something /learn to play sports not to play with drums/ I said I got the keys so what do you the keys so what do you mean I ball like Kareem /I got a dream to bring all this light to my city Martin Luther love what he seeing/the city need something /kids they grow up with nothing /parents on well fair struggling /the money mean nothing /just give us a equal shot /watch how we come up from nothing/we live in the gutter /boys dad be booked/so the being raised by their mother/I sware it's ok/my city we gone find a way/ sware we gonna see better days/we killing each other/everybody stand by my side and show them dat we gonna ride/and beat all the odds/come out as winners and leave with the prize /yeah we gonna ride and show them I can /and show them I can/ Im a black man boy ima stand up (how bout you)

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