16 00007 PHOTOS: SZA Conscious Music Concert test


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On April 30th, hundreds of people gathered to to celebrate the arts. Alternative R&B artists SZA and her friends performed at Wiggins Park in Camden.

The crowd was full of local residents, as well aspeople who traveled from the Jersey shore, Willingboro, New York, and other areas to see the north Jersey native sing. SZA has performed with Kendrick Lamar and she's featured on Rihanna's latest album. The weather was perfect, the crowd was diverse, and the music was loud.Local elected officials were acknowledged, but none were there. There were noticeablyno vendors. No food, fashion, or souvenirs were sold. But parking was free. The DCCBs, county government, and city government helped organize the event.To learn about more concerts and events, see the Camden Waterfront website. During the concert, SZA spoke about her journey through college and encouraged young people to think about their own education. She also spoke about her love for Camden as a city of great people. You can see that comment here:

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